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Our mescaline is derived from the Peyote cactus;  it is not synthetically produced. The chemical name is Mescaline HCl (hydrochloride), the most potent variant.

Mescaline Capsules: To maintain their potency, store them in a dark, cool place (<25°C). They will retain their effectiveness for approximately 2-3 years before potency diminishes.

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3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenethylamine (also known as mescaline) is a naturally-occurring classical psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine class. It occurs naturally in the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii), San Pedro cactus, Peruvian Torch cactus as well as the Cactaceae plant and the Fabaceae bean families. It grows wild in the Southwestern United States and in Northern Mexico, and has been used as an intimate component of a number of religious traditions amongst the native Indians of these areas.. It is one of the oldest known hallucinogens and the parent compound of the psychedelic phenethylamines, one of the two major subclasses of psychedelic compounds (along with tryptamines).

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Mescaline was first isolated from peyote in 1897 by the German chemist Arthur Heffter. The ritual use of the peyote cactus has occurred for at least 5700 years by Native Americans in Mexico and other mescaline-containing cacti such as the San Pedro have a long history of use in the South American continent, from Peru to Ecuador. Mescaline is an important part of the life’s work of the American chemist Alexander Shulgin, who used it as a starting point for synthesizing dozens of novel psychedelic compounds that are documented in his 1991 book PiHKAL (“Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved”).

Mescaline Capsule Dosage

Oral Mescaline HCl Dosages
Microdose 50 – 100 mg
Light 100 – 200 mg
Common 200 – 300 mg
Strong 300 – 500 mg
Heavy 500 – 700 mg
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  • Increases perception of physical touch*
  • Experience a higher level of compassion & passion*
  • Facilitates euphoria and reduces fear*
  • Experience the vibration of the universe *

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