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A journey with a Peyote cactus has the potential to be profound and potent. Because of this plant’s hallucinogenic qualities, native tribes have been using it for centuries. It is crucial to exercise caution, be accountable, and show respect for the Peyote cactus if you plan to use one. Keep in mind that it can be a powerful experience, so it’s best to have a cozy, secure setting. Your Peyote cactus can live a long and healthy life if given the right care and attention.


Peyote buttons

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Here you will find information on caring for all your favorite plants, including aloe vera and carnivorous plants, as well as lophophora, trichocereus, astrophytum, and ariocarpus. You can also grow a peyote cactus from seeds. Helping to protect, save, conserve, and preserve lophophora williamsii and all other endangered species is the major goal here. We only offer seeds and plants for decoration and to protect threatened species.

In order for the peyote cactus to persist in the wild, we must take action to protect it, primarily the lophophora williamsii variety. While we are unable to stop all human activity, we can begin to preserve them by cultivating some in our homes. This way, at least some lophophora will survive and one day be returned to the wild.

Only the freshest harvest of lophophora williamsii seeds and healthy peyote plants are offered in our shop. Not only do we offer recently harvested seeds to ensure the highest germination rate, but we are also not wholesalers and occasionally suggest different varieties.

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precaution and safety

Although there is no risk of addiction when consuming Peyote cactus, you should still exercise caution when using this plant. Peyote should be consumed in a comfortable, safe environment with a sober companion present. Additionally, it’s crucial to abstain from driving and other potentially risky activities when under the influence of mescaline.

It is advisable to avoid taking Peyote with alcohol or other medications, including stimulants. Additionally, it is advised against using peyote if you are nursing a baby, have high blood pressure, are pregnant, or are taking medication that affects blood pressure.



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